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Welcome, my name is Floriana.

I am a qualified, experienced Psychologist and Psychotherapist specialised in providing professional support to men and women looking for an in depth exploration of themselves and their experiences.

I offer a private, safe and confidential space aimed to build an open and trusting relationship where emotions, events, and meanings can be processed and worked through, in order to empower you towards fulfilling change, awareness, and emotional growth.

I work with many different difficulties and forms of distress, including feeling lost, worried, low, stressed, frustrated and alone. We can explore together circumstances such as life-changes, traumatic experiences, loss, identity, self-esteem, and relationships issues.

Approaching a therapist can be hard and daunting on its own, but can also mean taking the first step to a journey of healing, understanding, and connection. 



Below are the types of services I offer.

First Initial Consultation / Assessment of Needs | Open Ended Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Short – Term Counselling | Focused Interventions

If you'd like to find out more on how it all works then head over to How I Work page.

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